My name is Irina Gache. I'm a visual artist with a background in Psychology. I'm living and working in Bucharest, Romania, but often feel like I wander around everywhere, in somehow of Wonderland, seeing and feeling things and people in a way that I can't always seem to find the right words to describe. With an eternal fascination for the human soul, I found art to be the easiest way to reach important and sensitive points of people and to speak through images of my inner visions and experiences, as well as views of things that happen in the exterior that I am witnessing. I change the role of a simple witness by becoming part of the action through exposing my experiences and opinions through what I create. I have no doubt that every one of us is an artist, the only problem is that some may not yet know it or feel free to express themselves like that. My art sometimes talks about man's interior as an X-ray of the feelings, drawing true maps of the psyche and psychological concepts, and other times about taboo subjects that I easily find insight and curiosity to investigate, be them of a religious nature, the complex faces of each of us or the problems of the society we live in. There's something in everything that just has a story and a light itself that I see and have to capture. 
"Priveste Dincolo de Reflexie" , in colaborare cu Alexandra Crisbasan, la Gallery:
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